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A self standing pergola which is like a big arbor or trellis similar to gazebo except is open to the sky


pergola, gazebo, self standing yard trellis
We are building a self standing pergola which is fancy for big arbor or is similar to gazebo or garden structure except is open somewhat to sky, no roof and you can get rained on.................... Using 4 x 6 pressure treated posts and 2 x 8 16 foot beams and joists....... will have 3/4" spaced 1 x 2s and 1 x 3s laid flat on top to provide filtered sun/shade  
pergola gazebo frame built
trellis pergola project lattice
wide view pergola
landscaping project pergola top being built
gardening project jedyer
pergola stain
trellis staining the corners
arbor garden project
roof on pergola
yard poject
pergola top being built
self standing pergola
build an arbor
self standing pergola side view
trellis project
self standing pergola almost finished
snow covered gazebo project 

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